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Slow Interrogation2013

  • 2.6
Seattle filmmaker Jimmy Bontatibus explores the efforts of teens to aspire to maturity and adulthood in his second short film. Colin (Bontatibus) has a job housesitting an apartment. He invites his friend, Christine, to come over and keep him company and she brings along Gregory (who clearly is interested in Christine). SLOW INTERROGATION is a portrait in stifled communication and unspoken anxieties as teens play at being grown up and being on their own even if it is just a temporary situation. Bontatibus draws expressive performances from his young cast (including himself). They inhabit characters who never talk about what is on their minds or in their hearts but speak volumes by their playful banter or brooding silence. - Sean Axmaker

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top reviewer

Tow words: Plotless and Boring. There is awkward silence through 85% of the film. And the whole thing has zero plot. Just a "day in the life of" type of thing. Jimmy, don't quit your day job.