Slovenian Girl


also known as: Slovenka | A Call Girl

directed by Damjan Kozole, 92 minutes

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" of the most coolly calculating antiheroines to grace the silver screen." - Alissa Simon, Variety

Having grown up in small-town Slovenia, twenty-three year old Alexandra embraces the excitement and anonymity of big city life when she moves to the capital. She styles herself as a call girl, planning to take advantage of everything the city has to offer. But her isolated existence, English studies and mortgage payments by day and call girl lifestyle by night is shattered when one of her clients, a visiting politician, dies of a heart attack on her watch. Alexandra must suddenly confront fear, guilt and desperation as she finds herself pursued by a band of local pimps as well as the cops, hot on her trail. The old village life she had escaped from might now become her only refuge.

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1 member found this review helpful Created almost 3 years ago.

This is a strong, well-made, and ultimately sad story of the slow death of dreams in modern Slovenia. "We're all lonely, each in our own way" says Alexandra, late in the film. This is true of everyone in this story. Alexandra's friendships are distant and uncertain. She is betrayed, abandoned, and lied to, as she has done the same... in her effort to move from the small village of her childhood to a newer, better life in the city. Her attempt at "hooking her way through college" goes terribly wrong, and will clearly lead to her eventual destruction, unless she can find a way out. The film is beautifully cast, and well-performed. Everything is calculated, down to the wonderful phallic electric peppermill (that even lights up) that she gives to her father for his birthday. While it doesn't leave you with the shattering realization of betrayal of a "4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days," this is nevertheless a powerful film with a quiet, desperate woman at its center, than many will remember for some time.

Created over 2 years ago.

i gain more clues

Created almost 3 years ago.

excellent film smartly cast actors keep the scenrio real..4 stars

Top reviewer
Created about 1 month ago.

As referenced in the film itself, the theme is alienation, isolation and despair. The acting was very good, and the story itself does flesh out the circumstances of Sasha's character. All shot to hell so early on -- pretty bleak to think that she couldn't get past her choices, her past, and all the impediments.

Created 3 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

The plot is nothing new but it is a well made flick with above average acting and directing. The father - daughter relationship is very interesting. Always nice to visit another culture and experience it's flavor while being inside the natives life.

Created 7 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

An engaging film with very good acting, compelling story and vivid cinematography. The characters were strong and authentic. From an American viewer's perspective I wasn't sure if the screenwriters intended us to empathize with a general institutionalized devaluation of women in Slovenian society, or to show how one Slovenian young woman tries to get ahead and unwisely chooses unsavory agencies to achieve her ends. Seems clearly written from a male perspective and I wonder how different this story would be if the writers were female.

Acting and cinematography was excellent, however, especially the lead and her father–both very charismatic in their way!

Created 7 months ago.

Dark, smoldering, poetic, a dash of suspense and sadness, with an enigmatic ending - how American Indies use to be.

Created 8 months ago.

well done.

Created over 1 year ago.

I just thought the plot a bit over contrived. But the young actor played her role to the hilt, she was extraordinary.

Created almost 3 years ago.

An interesting film which doesn't tend to moralize, but the ending is very inconclusive and disappointing. Essentially, it's just a "slice of life" film which showed great promise at the start, but left a lot to be desired at the end. Ultimately, the viewer is left to consider what the lead character will do, so there is little resolved when it could have said so much more. Great performance by the lead actress, though, and a very convincing film mainly due to some fine casting of the lead characters. It's definitely worth a look, but not a "must see."

Top reviewer
Created almost 3 years ago.

Excellent show! Fast paced. Loaded with irony. The happy relationship between small town and big city is very familiar to me even if I don't understand Slovenian!

Created about 3 years ago.

An excellent film!

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