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  • 2.9
SLITCH is a short comic film about a teenage girl's summertime lust, featuring fantasizing, bubble gum and bicycle riding. Directed by Dianne Bellino with a soundtrack by the Continental Op. SLITCH stars Will Oldham as a mentally unbalanced surfer, blending in seamlessly with a cast of lovely local ladies.

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Member Reviews (7)

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Fun short about a teen girl coming of age, and her obsession with boys.

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top reviewer

Slitch is super sweet_the film is bright & fun_some really cool bits sliced in

top reviewer

A "slitch" of a teen girl's life. I wish it was more than just a slice.

Good movie. Though short hit home on her coming of age for her.

i enjoyed this "slice-of-life" film. the "slitch" owns her sexuality, and is unapologetic, which is refreshing.

Confused as to what the point of the entire thing was, mostly.

this film is so nostalgic feeling within its aesthetics, really great film with great music too. little dialogue with careful shots to fill the void.