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also known as Hatachi no binetsu

Slight Fever of a Twenty Year Old1993

  • 2.9
A story of two young Tokyo hustlers trying to make something of their drab lives. Tatsuro is a sullen teenager who would rather spend his time turning tricks than going to school. Working out of a hustler bar he remains an aloof professional, never shying away from even the kinkiest of requests. His best friend, Shin, while not as good at turning tricks likes to hang around Tatsuro to pick up pointers. The story climaxes when Shin admits his true love to Tatsuro, forcing Tatsuro to face the reality of his life and a future he has never planned for.

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Member Reviews (4)

I liked the movie! It's a bit sad, when you actually think about the situations that they're in. The two main boys, ran away from home and are selling theirselves for money. Lots of situations are like that. Towards the end you'll see how it really does affect them. Their relationships with other people, with each other it's really sad. Towards the ending i would've liked a better resolution with the two main boys. But, ill take what i can get. Nice film!

Intricately woven but beautiful coming-of-age drama. The last two scenes are absolutely incredible.

The traps one makes to provide a living of independence and the choices of life.

Very good movie. This Japanese depiction of rent boys is so unlike similar movies done in Europe, South America, and the USA. The focus is on two young escorts, exploring their personalities and their relationships. Highlights include an awkward family dinner at which the older boy and a customer are shocked to find themselves pushed together. The finale is a long, uncomfortable scene in which the two boys are forced by a customer to wake up to the reality of their lives.