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Sleeping with Frank2010

  • 3.3
A slice of a morning in Queens, New York is shown in SLEEPING WITH FRANK, as a couple readies for the day: wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast is shown in SLEEPING WITH FRANK. The tableaus are familiar: cozy, rote, intimate and distant. Dance and choreographed gestures reveal a potent underbelly to the lacquer of a domestic normalcy.

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Member Reviews (10)

top reviewer

If Ratatat be the soundtrack of my life, I will move through the day like that.

top reviewer


Nice dance film.

This is brilliant in every way. From the quick edits to the fabulous choreography and full concept it is truly a miniature gem. It's so nice to watch something that is so totally different. Lovely.

Beautiful !

Love it so much! Excellent choreography and cinematography! The editing is so fluent! Cute! Sensual! Playful!

Very intimate and fun.

Different. It said so much without saying anything. It was quite pleasant actually. :-)

Not all that interesting.

Quite unexpected - insouciant - sensual - a more gritty lively and accessible Amelie