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Sins of the Fleshapoids1965

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  • 3.1
Along with Kenneth Anger's SCORPIO RISING and Andy Warhol's CHELSEA GIRLS, Mike Kuchar's SINS OF THE FLESHAPOIDS remains one of the most influential films of the 1960s American underground. Mike and his brother George (who co-wrote FLESHAPOIDS) were the godfathers of bargain basement cinema, pioneering a hilariously campy, lurid style between Ed Wood exploitation and Douglas Sirk melodrama. Set a million years in the future, after “the Great War” has scourged the planet, mankind has forsaken science for self-indulgence in all the carnal pleasures afforded by art, food and lust. Work is left to a race of enslaved androids. One rebellious male robot (Bob Cowan) tires of pampering his lazy masters and joins the humans in sin. The future never seemed so ridiculous!

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One of the most influential films of the 1960s American underground.

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top reviewer

One scene did set it well into the Satanic Scorpio Rising and hive-mind Warhol to merge into the nano-biobot culture we are now seeing for real in our lives. That was it got extra creepy. I don't see humans using technology only, in life, but being turned into it, so this movie didn't have quite the feel of an expose as much as moving society towards acceptance of transhumanism.

It's beautiful, though, with fabulous visual scenes fit for a painting. The campy obsessiveness helps enweirden an actually "well acted" portrayal of people who have abandoned conceptual thinking.

I's disturbing enough to be relevant, but is grounded and playfully ridiculous, admirably low budget. I just can't say I endorse hybrids taking over.

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Well, that was FUCKIN' weird!

...*this would be a fun movie to play in the background, as visual ambience, at a party.

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top reviewer

It's campy, very low budget, and kind of slow going, like many 60s performances, and it's interesting more for its influence on other movies an artists than it is as a piece of entertainment for a 2015 audience. If you're really into this period, it's worth seeing, If not, it's probably not worth it.

top reviewer

totally stupid

Hilarious! Best low-budget ($800) comedy! Best bad robot performances! Best general air of decadence! Best forerunner of the now tiresome Technology-Will-Bite-US-Back genre! Best lascivious looks (intra humans, intra robots, inter humans and robots)! Best male sex objects in a low budget film! Best use of one very cramped location! Best use of billowy fabrics! I could go on. It's a gem.


Low budget film, did not like.

Wonderfully Bad a gem of a movie


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An interesting period piece.

Certainly not the worst film I've watched on Fandor. At least you can follow the story and, if you wanted to, have a discussion about the role of technology in our lives. I don't want to.

if humans would just get the message.


I didnt care for this film.It was just to far out there.

who is ed wood