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Sincerely, Joe P. Bear1999

  • 3.4
Polar bears, ice queens, lost love. Appropriated news clips from the 1960’s combine with hand-painted film to tackle the momentous issue of how polar bears cope with heartbreak and rejection. One of my earliest films, SJPB was made with 16mm news footage that I found in the dumpster of a Portland television station. Probably shot in the mid 60s, the silent and unlabeled footage most likely was clips from news stories. Before I had enough funds to optically print and transfer the film, I would screen the original, hand manipulated film print (which i had spliced together with tape and razor-blade) and play the soundtrack on a separate device, literally switching on the projector and pressing play on a boom-box at the same time (the soundtrack was created with a 4-track cassette recorder). - Matt McCormick

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Member Reviews (4)

top reviewer

Wonderfully rhapsodic ditty zeroing on one of many media created moments and turning it into a bittersweet moment by one of its participants. The altered voice is both childish and poignant as an underlining of the need for nostalgia along with the ridiculous visions that feeling creates.

top reviewer

I think I've had nightmares that are something like this film.

Cute and clever... glad they saved this footage from the dumpster and made something cool with it (pardon the pun.)

I just enjoyed "Sincerely, Joe P. Bear" on Fandor and I think you'll watch it.