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also known as Ovsyanki

Silent Souls2011

  • 4.1
One of the most acclaimed films of 2011, SILENT SOULS is a breathtakingly beautiful road-movie masterpiece. After the sudden death of his wife, tough guy Miron asks taciturn writer Aist to accompany him on a long journey to dispose of her remains according to the rituals of the Merya people (an ancient tribe from picturesque West-Central Russia). As the two friends traverse the evocatively bleak landscape with her body and a pair of caged birds, Miron fills the hours relating the most intimate details of his marriage (with unintended consequences). Brooding, poetic and provocative, SILENT SOULS is an exquisite work of post-Soviet cinema by director Aleksei Fedorchenko and renowned cinematographer Mikhail Krichman.

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Liquid subconscious tribal memory.

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top reviewer

Liquid subconscious tribal memory.

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This seemed most a portrait of a people and a river, intertwined in a way that the poetry of the story was like a thread leading into an understanding that was lost as it was followed, into mystery, into the depth of the river and the depths of love.

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a total gem_a poetic ritual of love & loss & life & mystery

stupid film