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also known as Stellet Licht

Silent Light2007

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  • 4.2
SILENT LIGHT tells the story of Johan, a married man who against the laws of his faith and traditional beliefs, falls in love with another woman, thus facing an internal dilemma, whether to betray his wife, the woman he once loved and disrupt the apparent stability of the community or sacrifice his true love and future happiness. Sublimely shot, entirely on location in the Mexican Mennonite community near Chihuahua, SILENT LIGHT opens with what is arguably the single most remarkable shot of the year; dawn breaking over the rural landscape, Reygadas′s control of image and sound reconfirm his position as one of cinema′s most distinctive auteurs.
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top reviewer

This is an utterly remarkable and powerful film. There is a rapture present within every frame, a canvas overflowing with life. Carlos Reygadas is undoubtedly one of the greatest living directors. The gaze is one of unbridled affection for everything under the sun. Amidst the guilt, regret, shame, disappointment and heartbreak, there is love everywhere.

top reviewer

From the opening shot until the final one a sense of calm beauty and perseverance pervade this exposition of the human experience. Love comes and who can choose why or when but it can come as a burden as well as a blessing! There are many beautifully framed and held shots to keep the sense of calm and a good number of heart rending ones to keep it real. The cast was wonderful and the children were beautiful and believable. The natural sound track(no music at all other than a couple Jacques Brel things and a radio)was realistic and lent small spices to aid the story.A true art piece.

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top reviewer

spoilers below

Beautifully shot and directed but I'm left disturbed by the seemingly chauvinist themes. If you're familiar with Dreyer's Ordet you'll figure out where this film is headed somewhat quickly, though the difference is that in Ordet a family's faith, love and decency were rewarded. In Silent Light on the other hand two women sacrifice everything to inform a man's growth and reward his selfishness.

Recommended as a stunning visual experience but be wary of the story.

top reviewer

An exquisite film in every which way. The story centers on a married man who is in love with another women, and the repercussions of such. What makes this film so fulfilling, is the warmth, tenderness and beauty that Carlos Reygadas puts into this heart-wrenching story. The films pace is perfect, luring the viewer to slow down, and grasp the tranquil, peaceful community, in which this film is played out. Carlos Reygadas offers the viewer all that Hollywood is missing, subtlety, grace, sincerity and charm. It's a shame that a film so beautifully done will only be seen, by people those who seek it out. A real treasure, not to be missed.

Silent Light, an amazing reworking of Carl Th. Dreyer's Ordet. One slight difference coming from Reygadas' background, the film is more of a juxtaposition of religious law and guilt, where Dreyer's Ordet was structured more around different levels of religious fervor (seen in the two neighboring families' differing renderings of Christian doctrine and practice in Ordet). Cinematographer Alexis Zabe shoots the film beautifully: expansive landscapes, even something as simple as the sun rising is turned into something more. The fine tuned rigor that he and Reygadas capture the final interior scenes--certainly harkening back to the end of Ordet--possess a Bressonian preciseness that is as refreshing as it is striking. Silent Light glides in a highly poetic since. Within the cinematography, the understated and wonderful performances, the existential crisis at the core of the family, to the beautiful way Reygadas uses mysticism the film inherently floats in that transcendent, spiritual space, which is not something as a film lover you get every year. If this film slipped under your radar, watch it now! Reygadas' most complete work to date.

Loved it, I did. I knew a reckoning was on the way; it was a foreboding written on the faces of the children when they were in the pond. The children were really German looking. Where they also Amish or Mennonites? Was the concubine the Devil? Why and when was she given the power to revive the dead wife. Did the wife die of a broken heart? The wife was so devoted she would rather not kick up a fuss and let him (husband) have his dalliance but it was eating her from the inside out. It all had to come to a bad end.

Un poco fuera de ritmo creo la edicion de la pelicula es lo menos bueno ... de todoa la pelicula

Very slow-moving (on purpose, so that's good!) and beautifully filmed. The acting is minimalistic, which fits perfectly. The story line is simple but playing it out is very complex.