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Sidewalk Stories1989

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  • 4.2
A young artist living in New York, on the fringes of the financial district and its rushing crowds, tries to make a living sketching passers-by on the street. He survives on his meager means and has found refuge in an abandoned building. One night, on the corner of a back alley, he finds a little girl whose father has just been murdered. While struggling to take care of her, he meets a young rich woman who immediately falls in love with this awkward couple.

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"Lane’s Spike Lee-era indie paid homage to Chaplin’s THE KID but in the scrubbier neighborhoods of New York during the Giuliani years." - Michael Atkinson, Keyframe

Member Reviews (3)

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top reviewer

Best silent film ever! Better than The Artist! The music is fabulous and the coordination of the actors with the instrumentation is incredible. the story is wonderful too.

how do you watch it, it jusy plays the trailer?

Loved it, so simple, yet powerful. Truly a hidden masterpiece.