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also known as Sibirska Ledi Magbet

Siberian Lady Macbeth1962

  • 4.1
SIBERIAN LADY MACBETH observes the cruel machinations of Katarina, a ruthless woman (Olivera Markovic) who will let nothing threaten her affair with a mysterious drifter (Ljuba Tadic). When her father-in-law (Bojan Stupica) discovers the indiscretion, she dispatches him with a dose of rat poison. But soon others, including her husband, sister-in-law and young nephew, develop suspicions of their own and test the limits to which Katarina's lethal passion will carry her.

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This a great yarn about love, lust, treachery, betrayal, and murder in a small Siberian village in the 1800's. Everything about this film is harsh, including the people, the climate, and the way that everyone treats each other. Seems like a very realistic portrayal to me, however, given what I've read about Tsarist Russia, and life in Siberia in general.

The stark landscape, an abyss charcoal undertone and a badass Bonnie and Clyde couple make this dramatic Russian interpretation of a Shakespearean play, very visceral and in your face. The characters feel pulled straight from the pages of Gorky and Gogol, with serfs providing both the comedic side characters and the voice of reason.