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also known as Sibirska Ledi Magbet

Siberian Lady Macbeth 1962

  • 4.1
SIBERIAN LADY MACBETH observes the cruel machinations of Katarina, a ruthless woman (Olivera Markovic) who will let nothing threaten her affair with a mysterious drifter (Ljuba Tadic). When her father-in-law (Bojan Stupica) discovers the indiscretion, she dispatches him with a dose of rat poison. But soon others, including her husband, sister-in-law and young nephew, develop suspicions of their own and test the limits to which Katarina's lethal passion will carry her.

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This a great yarn about love, lust, treachery, betrayal, and murder in a small Siberian village in the 1800's. Everything about this film is harsh, including the people, the climate, and the way that everyone treats each other. Seems like a very realistic portrayal to me, however, given what I've read about Tsarist Russia, and life in Siberia in general.