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Short Term 122013

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  • 4.5
SHORT TERM 12 follows Grace, a twenty-something staff member at a foster care facility as she reckons with caring for the teens in her charge and her own past. This lovingly realized film finds truth and humor in unexpected places.
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one of my favorite indie films. Great characters, great story-telling, excellent cinematography

Well done in every aspect. I had at first thought the only flaw might be SPOILER the overwhelmingly happy ending, but I later thought that most people, most of the time, get through their pain and move on. Often damaged, as are several of the characters in this film, but still able to find some happiness in their lives and sufficient reason to continue. I can think of no other criticisms other than were one wanting a stark portrayal of the difficulties some of the young people faced, it is not to be found in this film. The violence is referenced and some of the results are spoken of and shown, but not the acts themselves. I found this a powerful manner to deal with the subject matter as the viewer's imagination was allowed to fill the gaps.