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  • 2.8
The British police called it "ram-raiding". Teenage hooligans called it "shopping". And audiences and critics worldwide called it one of the most shocking debuts of the decade. In a bleak near-future, charming ex-con Billy (Academy Award® nominee Jude Law in his first movie role) and sexy girlfriend Jo live for stealing fast cars, leading cops on high-speed chases and crashing through posh store windows to steal everything they can grab. But when the law and a rival gang both vow to end their spree, can Billy and Jo pull off one final raid before their world comes crashing down? Sean Bean, Jonathan Pryce, Sean Pertwee and '60s icon Marianne Faithful star in this reckless orgy of destruction, censored for fifteen plus years by British authorities, from writer/director Paul W.S. Anderson that hotwired the U.K. crime-movie explosion of the late '90s.

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Jo & Billy are great_really well done_can't believe it was banned for years