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also known as Tir

Shooting Range1979

  • 3.8
The American dream looks a lot like a nightmare in this kaleidoscopic Soviet animated film. A downtrodden man wanders a neon New York City looking for a job. He’s lured into a shooting range by a greedy manager who schemes to drive up entrance fees with the novelty of a human target. The worker starts a family in the line of fire. While perhaps not the subtlest allegory of capitalist exploitation, director Vladimir Tarasov achieves a startlingly surreal picture of domestic routines performed under duress. Bold compositions and a dynamic jazz score add layers of psychological tension to the film’s ideological foundation.

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Member Reviews (2)

love it

Breathtaking. The animation is surreal and gorgeous. This is unequivocally the best propaganda film I have ever seen. It is well-made, and haunting. I particularly liked the range owner that wears riding pants, jackboots, and bears more than a passing resemblance to the Joker. It is a sinister little mindbender, and is also a silent film aside from its cheeky jazz score, but if you're a fan of animation you owe it to yourself to watch this.