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  • 3.0
A slow-burning prairie grotesque. On the grounds of a rural sanitarium, three young women search for wellness, as a cult leader seeks to control their bodies through labor and daily rituals.

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Member Reviews (5)

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Not worth sitting through. Fuzzy, grainy, amateurish photography with an equally poor soundtrack. Combined with little to no plot or character development, the film at the outset is just a string of images of girls in fields, girls cutting up things, etc. What's the point? In any event, happily didn't stick around to find out if there was possibly one.

not worth the film esxpense

Beautiful work of cinema. This film was painted with sound design as much as it was with visuals—poetically and abstractly.

Dreamlike story of three young women confined to a sanatorium or cult.  Featuring gorgeous cinematography, this is a haunting, unusual film whose images will surprise and disturb you right up to it's quietly devastating finish.

Nothing of any value - no character analysis, no plot, nothing to explain what is goin on. A total waste of time.