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  • 3.6
A vibrant, daringly original work from Abbas Kiarostami, SHIRIN is the flowering of an experimentalist streak that’s been evident in many of the director’s most well-known features, including CLOSE-UP, TASTE OF CHERRY and others. Ostensibly an adaptation of a 12th century Persian poem about a young princess courted by two men, a nobleman and an artist, Kiarostami never shows us the film in question. Instead, we are compelled to reconstruct the narrative from dialogue and sound, and the emotions that flash across the faces of a rapt, mostly female audience. A movie about a movie we never see, SHIRIN makes us active participants in a unique cinematic experience.

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This film and its author are no short of brilliant.

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This film and its author are no short of brilliant.

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Lovely way to experience an epic poem --- each woman's facial expression, coupled with the mental images created by the subtitles, brought the work to life in a way that I could only describe as "daydreamy."

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Another unique and exceptional conceptual film by Abbas Kiarostami. This film tells the ancient story through film dialogue heard, and the reactions of audience members in an Iranian cinema. I never heard of the story Khosrow and Shirin before this film. It was captivating, and the audience reactions captured a wide range of emotions. Glad I caught this film, my first on fandor. I highly recommend this film and others by Abbas.

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