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  • 3.5
According to filmmaker Stephanie Barber, "This is probably the most heartbreaking film I have made." The pacing is romantic and simple, haiku-esque pauses and inclusions, with the words contrasting this poetry with their factual, disinterested narration. And that narration is a simple statement of failure; one which lies not in any action but in the pre-thought to that action, the hope or faith one holds in oneself, one's knowledge or abilities.

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It sounds like Barber sees far more into her own work than she bothers to express. This 3 minute film is probably 2 minutes longer than it needs to be. The pacing is not romantic, but exasperating. The words don't contrast any poetry, but express the emotional distance of the piece. It is true that the statement is one of failure, but probably not the type of failure that the filmmaker intended. Film incorporates motion, images and space to express an idea. Perhaps that would be a good place to start when creating a film.

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v beautiful

Genuinely bad. No message, horrific execution.

Keep the homefries burning.

Another word/image conundrum. Nice.