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Sherman's March1986

  • 4.1
When First Run Features released Ross McElwee’s Sundance Award-winning SHERMAN'S MARCH in 1986, it went on to become one of the largest grossing documentaries ever. After his girlfriend leaves him, McElwee takes a voyage along the original route followed by General William Sherman, but rather than cutting a swath of destruction designed to force the Confederate South into submission, as Sherman did, McElwee searches for love, camera in hand.

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I was surprised to find that the film was actually a writer/photographer doing a voiceover while lamenting his bad luck in love. Listen to the way he talks, watch his body language. They supply a hint or two as to why he has not done well in relationships. He doesn't seem to think he has anything to offer and it shows. I ran out of sympathy half way through the film.

Imagine if Morrissey was an aspiring documentary filmmaker obsessed with the South and General Sherman's destruction of it.