Sherlock Jr.


directed by Buster Keaton, 45 minutes

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Selected by the National Film Preservation Board for the 1991 National Film Registry.

Widely regarded as one of the most visually inventive silent comedies ever made, SHERLOCK JR. offers fast-paced slapstick as well as a brilliant deconstruction of the filmmaking process. Buster Keaton stars as a movie theatre projectionist who dreams of becoming a super-sleuth and, in one breathtaking sequence, literally steps into the screen to bring his fantasies to life.

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1 member found this review helpful Created about 3 years ago.

Ah Buster. Such timing, grace, genius.

Top reviewer
1 member found this review helpful Created over 2 years ago.

Even if, like me, you loathe the cliche and the staginess and the plotlessness and the spastic pace of slapstick -- and all those qualities are fully present here -- you can't deny the relentless inventiveness of this film. It's like a notebook of ideas, both technical and dramatic, enough for dozens of films, plopped on to the screen. Personally I'd have enjoyed those ideas more had they been given more space and a more appealing background, but en masse they certainly carry this film.

1 member found this review helpful Created over 1 year ago.

deliciously self-referential

Couldn't be said better!

Top reviewer
1 member found this review helpful Created 2 months ago.

This is quite simply one of Buster Keaton’s best films. It’s a whimsical teleportation from the world of reality into the world of the Silver Screen, accented with Keaton’s rock solid, deadpan humor and timing. “Sherlock Jr.” is a must-see for fans of Keaton and silent films.

Top reviewer
1 member found this review helpful Created 3 months ago.

The definitive Buster Keaton is The General. Sherlock Jr is quite good. The stunts are, as usual, impressive. There are a few fx that hold well today, though back then their originality and freshness must have made them wonderful. This short movie is worth a look-see

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