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also known as Pyhän kirjan varjo

Shadow of the Holy Book2007

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  • 3.2
This high-spirited, political satire exposes the complicity of multinational corporations in supporting and legitimizing dictator, Saparmurat Niyazov, of Turkmenistan, one of the world’s most egregious violators of human rights. Niyazov, self-appointed President for Life, transformed a remote Central Asian republic into one of the most oppressive, megalomaniacal and bizarre regimes in recent history. Turkmenistan, which borders Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Iran, is also home to one of the world’s largest oil and natural gas reserves. Such resource endowments have attracted world leaders and multi-billion dollar corporations who set aside their morals and knowingly propped up the regime to secure profitable business deals.

Member Reviews (4)

The parts of this documentary filmed in Turkmenistan and containing information about the late dictator Niyazov and his "holy book" are very interesting. Unfortunately, the main focus of the film, that corporations will support dictators and human rights violations in pursuit of making profits is not surprising and revealing such information is therefore not of much interest.

Sad commentary on the state of Corporatocracy in the 21st Century, unashamedly supporting dictatorships and the violation of human rights around the World. All in the name of Business and PROFITS and nothing else matters!

The subject matter is nothing new but persistent efforts of Kevin and others need applause! TRUTH is never told or handed it to you at evening news! One has to SEEK actively for truth! One can see the stonewalling, evading and timidity of several hapless underlings! Hypocrisy, intellectual dishonesty and lack of integrity are the hall marks of leadership are in display in this documentary!

Collective INSANITY appear rule that Country and those who support it have NO scruples, be they may be CEOs or Companies!

Shame on all of these Multi-National Companies and or the so called Democratic Nations like USA, France etc supporting these oppressive regimes!

A docu film well worth watching to understand exploitation of small nations by Multi-Nationals turning blind eye to human rights violations!

This movie follows a couple of guys as they try to uncover the "dirty little secret" of doing business in Turkmenistan. Their theory is interesting but the film is not. I learned a little bit about the "Holy Book" that rivals the Qur'an and the dictator who wrote it. In the end, this film is WAY too long for the information you get out of it.

Niyazov is the dictator of Turkmenistan. He's written a book called the Ruhnama containing a mostly fictional history of Turkmenistan as well as poetry, etc. The book is taught at all levels of eduction in Turkmenistan as dogma, and the people are taught to revere it at the same level as the Qur'an (they're Muslim). Anyone who criticizes Niyazov's dictatorship is brutalized and imprisoned. It's a bad situation, especially when you consider the 60% unemployment.

So far so good for a dictator, eh? Here's where it gets really creepy. There are a lot of corporations around the world who want to do business with Turkmenistan, especially since Turkmenistan has huge reserves of oil. For instance, Russia is exporting oil fromm Turkmenistan and re-exporting it to Europe. Bouygues (a huge, French construction company) has completed massive construction projects for Turkmenistan, including a Mosque with a gold-plated dome capable of holding 10,000 worshipers.

There's a trick to doing business in Turkmenistan. You have to get on the good side of Niyazov. One way is to build a huge monument of him for use in Turkmenistan. Another is to translate the Ruhnama into another language for publication in other countries. Hence, the Ruhmana has been published in a multitude of languages, and all at the expense of multinational corporations. Hence, the corporations, eager to turn a profit, gladly promulgate Niyazov's book of lies.

Do you remember that part of "It's a Wonderful Life" where George Bailey is running around Pottersville, and Mr. Potter has turned the town into a horrible place because of his greed and megalomania? Reality is creepier than fiction.