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  • 3.9
In Sao Paulo, kidnapping is an established business. Lucrative and hectic. For four years a film crew followed the police department's anti-kidnapping division (DAS), riding along to locate houses holding captives, listening in on phone calls, freeing horrified victims and busting criminals. Raw, powerful and with incredible access, this edgy documentary confronts one of the biggest problems that Brazil faces.

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Sequestro (2011) is an incredible documentary. The "inside access" that this filmmaker was allowed to the cops, the victims' families, the victims, and to actual kidnappings while in progress made this documentary so "real" that it was almost "unreal". It made question if what I was viewing was not some sort of well executed theatrical crime narrative, rather than an actual documentary. I learned a lot from this film about a social situation in Latin America of which I was previously ignorant. A very well planned, well executed, and very skillfully edited documentary.