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Seeing Red2005

  • 3.1
In SEEING RED, one of her most deeply personal films to date, Su Friedrich takes a look back at her evolution both as a woman and as an artist, tackling her own insecurities via several on-camera diary entries. While SEEING RED is a film about the existential crises of the individual, it is also a film about what unites all humanity and what unites humanity with all the matter surrounding us. Friedrich accomplishes these two objectives using three elements: monologue, montage and music. Though at times dark and cynical, Friedrich often brings us to laughter in discussing her existential dilemmas, making us realize that they are also our own. In the film's climactic ending, Friedrich is able to triumph over her own limitations, deciding that she can let go, take chances, reinvent and surprise herself, urging us to do the same.

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i love this film!