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  • 3.1
  • mature audiences
Stripped of rank and exiled to a remote Sardinian outpost, Roman soldier and suspected Christian Sebastian (Leonardo Treviglio) becomes the object of his commanding officer Maximus' (Barney James) aggressive desire. As Sebastian turns his back on his fellow soldiers in favor of his own visionary mystical longings, the sun-bleached Mediterranean idyll becomes a psycho-sexual hothouse where predatory desire and religious longing set the stage for a shocking tableau of death and martyrdom.

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Member Reviews (25)

I like it. Beautiful, erotic love for god. innocence. the beginning sequence was quite interesting

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Disjointed, incoherent story line. Severely out of sync sound. Reason for murder of Sabastian probably very unclear for most observers. Some beautiful moments as when the two were playing in the pool and a beautiful cast. But it's a very old film. Saw it more than a decade ago. Maybe it was "art" at the time of its production, but it looks like a cheap shot now. I'd like to see a modern serious remake.

good story but acting a bit stilted

beautiful film // beautiful men, my word. my adoration for Roman warriors grew immensely.

the worst, !!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I want to see more like it. Sebastian was killed he would not submit to the evil ways of the others.

Unquestioningly and unapologetically homoerotic, this film seems more to me about the complicated relationships all men have with each other. Men compete for recognition, approval, romance, sex, money, & it can be brutal. If that's all BS, then I didn't get it much beyond the juvenile titillation. The English subtitles are pretty easy to follow & actually are necessary to follow the film's several "messages."

...D J you genius. May you rest in peace.

100% nul

Great movie! Amazing cinematography and art.Beautiful poetry and serious subject. I love it.

A terrible film with nothing but torture of humans and animals. Writer and director must be sadistic monsters. Nice looking players and I guess seeing male frontal nudity was the big thrill. But watching animals, insects get killed and mutilated, for real, not art. A sad excuse of a movie I hope to never watch again.

It was very masculine & really played on gay male fantasy.. lots of fine specimens of men in there too

very good..stoty line flowed well

oh wow,persecution for religion, race, ordifferent beliefs, countrys, anything thing that seperates us, What I got was what we do to each other as humanss, we are still very primitive, even savage, and yet, quite beautiful all at the same time

The movie is well defined about St. Sebastian. I didn't know about him as a martyr.

A film far ahead of any time. Though it lagged in bits, and though it for the most part ignores the St Sebastian legend, it tells another story of purity of heart and erotic love of God. It was also refreshing to see beautiful men with natural bodies, not gym and steroid sculpted. Intensely provacative yet beautiful.

Not much of a story line!

Bad story line, poor video and to artsy ..

different nice choreography

delicate and storage beauty

This is a great film, all gay men should watch it, a great story and some beautiful men abound in the film...

Some beautiful cinematography.

Beautiful film... Derek Jarman is brilliant!

As a straight man, I could't believe I was watching this. As an artist, I couldn't look away. Jarman captures the poetry of the male body in a way that only someone of his orientation could. He films the undulating muscles with a nearly Riefenstahlian eye for beauty. Though an interest in queer art is pretty much required to really enjoy this film, I was absolutely transfixed. Bravo, Derek, and R.I.P.

Truly amazing and well done. Admittedly I was apprehensive to watch this film but after a few minutes I was captivated. The artistic value alone was worth the view if not for the underlying dichotomies.