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Searchers 2.02007

  • 3.1
As child actors, Mel and Fred were beaten and whipped by an imperious screenwriter, Fritz Frobisher. Now the elderly Fritz is to appear at a t-shirt signing ceremony in Monument Valley, Arizona, where his great films were made. Still living in Los Angeles and seeking works as actors, Mel and Fred decide to go to Monument Valley and give Fritz a drubbing. Since neither of them has a working car, they invite Mel's estranged daughter, Delilah, to give them a ride.

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Member Reviews (3)

I enjoyed this film but must be really old because I did not understand it.

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mildly amusing with a twisted premise that' was not a bit funny..The young daughter was a real plus to look at ,she had the whitest teeth I ever seen..All in all this is one of those films that kind of holds you for 90 minuets but at the end you sit bleary eyed writing a lousy review.

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ohh this is cool