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Sea Child2014

  • 2.9
  • passes the bechdel test
Marina Shron's poetic short film about a young girl, Lila (played by Argentine actress Federica Cafferata), who has lost her father, SEA CHILD is a surreal coming-of-age story. Filmed against the beautiful backdrop of Laguna de Tota, a dreamy mountain lake in Columbia, Shron composes a hallucinatory landscape of liquid and female forms. Lila is magnetically drawn to the water (which was somehow involved in the death of her father) even though she cannot swim. She explores this landscape with her father's camera (which contains no film). Shron says the water is " a liquid mirror. On the other side of it, I could see myself freed from the burden of gravity and time." A haunting portrait of grief and desire in the tradition of Terrence Malick, SEA CHILD premiered at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal and screened at the 2014 Toronto Independent Film Festival. - Stela Jelincic

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Member Reviews (12)

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bit of a waste

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This is a brief, well-crafted production that creeps up on you like a strange dream...fleeting yet haunted.

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Gorgeous and daring. Snapshots were subtle and offered a convoluted sense of history. The underwater scene was a painting of an unraveled mystery. A vision received, a wish that does not come true anymore than it is mere breath.

Waste of time

Very hot!! Seething sexual undertone throughout.

Striking visual and verbal imagery. Haunting, poetic.

12 minutes I'll never get back. An incredible waste of time!

i enjoyed it

It's a fairy tale. Characters are uncomplicated, and the plot is simple; but the camera work and editing are sufficiently disorienting, and metaphors are packed together like sardines. (The camera is a fish-eye.) It's an eerie coming-of-age story.

eh not worth watching. The only thing I liked was the voice over narration at the beginning. All the acting is awkward and strained. The director tried to make it dreamy and surreal but Sea Child doesn't deliver.

The best thing about it was the picture of the girl in the pink bathing suit,that someone wisely chose to lure you into watching.It was all downhill from there.

An allegory in death and growth as a young woman expresses grief over her father who died while she was very young.