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also known as Lady in the Fog

Scotland Yard Inspector1952

  • 3.6
Spun off from a BBC radio serial, this comedic thriller gets off to a nasty start with a man mowed down in the fog by the mysterious woman he'd been driving with. Judged a possible hit-and-run accident by police, that death looks more suspicious to the victim's sister (Bernadette O'Farrell), who knows her ne'er-do-well brother was often involved in shady business. She enlists the help of Phil O'Dell (Cesar Romero), a brash American writer temporarily stranded in London. His attempts at amateur sleuthing lead him from nightclub to film studio to lunatic asylum and into a lot of hot water with actual Scotland Yard detectives. A dashing bungler who leaps (or pratfalls) first and thinks later, O'Dell was one of the last B-movie star roles played by veteran Hollywood second-lead Romero, who'd soon commence a second career chapter as television's most ubiquitous guest actor. Also known as LADY IN THE FOG, the fast-paced SCOTLAND YARD INSPECTOR was directed by another Yank abroad, Sam Newfield, who as the erstwhile house director of U.S. "poverty row" studio PRC had sometimes made (often under pseudonyms) as many as twenty features a year, among them the anti-marijuana camp classic WILD WEED and the infamous "all-midget" western TERROR OF TINY TOWN. - Dennis Harvey

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Member Reviews (4)

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top reviewer

Breezy, sassy, fast paced film noir, featuring the delightful acting of Cesar Romero; lots of fun, and lots of plot twists that kept me guessing!

A good example of the Genre. It was really hard to swallow the Scotland Yard connection. Fair story typical of the time.

I loved it,lots of twists and turns are what made this a really good who done it....

I just enjoyed "Scotland Yard Inspector" on Fandor and I think you'll love it.