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School for Randle1949

School caretaker "flatfoot" Mason, a former Music-hall artiste harbors a secret. He has a daughter, Betty who unbeknownst to her was adopted when his wife died. Now a teenager, she's a pupil at the school, which causes complications when the staff feel that Randle is being "over attentive" to Betty. Told to steer clear of her, Flatfood reluctantly agrees, but Betty thinks he's rejecting her and decides to run away to make her name in showbusiness. Randle, assisted by his fellow caretakers, trace her to a seedy cabaret club and tries to persuade her to come home, but will she listen or risk spiraling into a life of debauchery? Despite its other merits, SCHOOL FOR RANDLE contains instances of racial insensitivity that are not only problematic for contemporary audiences but are questionable even for the period in which the film was made. It is presented here with that unfortunate and disappointing caveat.

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