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also known as Forbidden

Scarlet Heaven1948

  • 3.6
After the war, Jim Harding (Douglass Montgomery) is desperate to put his knowledge of chemistry to good use but his wife's greed forces him to sell potions for baldness and stomach disorders in a fairground booth on Blackpool's Golden Mile. His marriage hits rock bottom when his wife Diana (Patricia Burke) dates a theatrical impresario behind his back and Jim falls in love with the beautiful Jane Thompson (Hazel Court), who runs the candyfloss stall opposite. But Jim's newfound happiness is cut short when his wife finds out about their affair and refuses to give him a divorce. As their marriage disintegrates into constant bickering, Jim takes a walk along Blackpool's crowded shore and decides to murder his wife.

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Member Reviews (2)

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top reviewer

Well done; it held my attention. British 'B' movies are sometimes better than their American counterparts.

This guy is a frustrated chemist working a carnival act with a total b.... of a wife. He falls for the cotton candy gal and decides to dispatch the wife with a drug switch-a-roo so he can happily every after with his the carni-gal. The plot turns and the ending is adequate so that everyone's happy Good pacing, acting OK and a watchable flick. 3.875 stars out of 5.