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also known as Unter Bauern: Retter in der Nacht

Saviors in the Night2009

  • 4.5
SAVIORS IN THE NIGHT is based on the memories of Marga Spiegel. In her narrative, published in 1965, she describes how courageous farmers in southern Münsterland hid her, her husband Siegfried and their little daughter Karin from 1943 until 1945, thus saving them from deportation to the extermination camps in the East. The film tells this story of survival with a sense for the absurd in daily life and not without the typical Westphalian humor. Without reservation, the farmers offer the refugees their protection. That this turns them into heroes would never occur to them. They are used to weathering even dangerous situations somehow, guided only by their instinct and century-old code of ethics. They risk their own lives, and, if necessary, even that of their families. There is never a discussion about friendship, reliability, humanity. In Yad Vashem the farmers’ names are immortalized: Heinrich Aschoff, Hubert Pentrop, Bernhard Südfeld, Heinrich Silkenböhmer, Bernhard Sickmann. SAVIORS IN THE NIGHT wants to create a memorial in honor of these silent heroes.

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A very powerful story showing how lives were saved by the amazing courage of humans living in dark times.

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A very powerful story showing how lives were saved by the amazing courage of humans living in dark times.

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top reviewer

Weird casting choice; while far more competent an actor than I would I have imagined, the age disparity between Stephen Jay Gould and his "wife" was a bit more than I could swallow.

Seriously, the Ashoffs–mother and father, complemented each other's performance to a degree it would be hard to improve upon.

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This film truly surprised me both in it's genuine approach to a true tale of heroic human reliance and it's little known actors who made such a wonderful story come to life in such a realistic and emotional way. So meaningful and uplifting! Take time for this one.

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I love the subject, I want to love the film, but I feel like I have seen it before. type casting? Hackneyed film+o+graphy? It just felt tedious more than revelatory.

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4+_really a powerful film_the mother & daughter are beautiful & wonderful_hitler & WWII were so insane _just like all war is_and we never seem to learn_so horrible

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An absolute treasure, filmmaking at it's very highest level. There have been so many films relating to WWII, told from so many perspectives, there far to numerous to discuss. However, this film, give a completely new, refreshing take on the war, offering a completely new perspective, and the result is an absolute masterpiece, in every sense of the word. The story is based on German Jew who fought and received an iron cross for his efforts in WWI, however, in WWII, he is now being hunted as a Jew. What transpires is truly one of the most heartfelt, beautiful, life affirming films I've seen since "Cinema Paradiso", I loved this film. Why it was not recognized by the academy, I'm sure the reasons are far to complicated to even wonder, however, I felt this film was the finest film I've seen in many years, a treasure to all.

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5 Stars

excellent touching.

Loved the movie! Very rare view of the relationships between Jewish people and a small segment of German population that actually chose to be really brave and humane and help their fellow German citizens to survive the horrific period for the whole world. Great acting and storytelling.

German Catholic farmers preserve the lives of their Jewish brothers and sisters during WWII, and as they live together, misunderstands decrease, as they gain common understanding.

Wonderful story of conflict and survival, great acting. Realistically tells the story without being gratuitously violent. The song playing when Anni dances is sung by Max Raabe, a German singer who has recorded a number of albums of 20's and 30's music with his orchestra. I recommend looking him up as well!


A very good film about the holocaust and conflicted farmers becoming heroes.

Yes, it was a very good movie about bravery during WWII and will help to increase he knowledge that not all Germans were Nazis and horrible people.

This is an important story that is relevant today, as we see Darfur , Serbia, and

other countries committing the same genocide. It is relevant to our lives to think about what we would do in the same situation in our own country.

Such a moving story and to know that people like this took such courageous risks for strangers and yet they became life long friends.

It is impossible to use the word "enjoyed" this film. But I can say that this was a good film, well made and that I did not know that in Germany there were actually german farmers who actually helped save a few Jews. That in itself is a miracle.

There is kindness in Man's heart. This is the quality that will endure in the New

World. (Matthew 5:5)