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Satan's School for Girls1973

  • 2.9
  • passes the bechdel test
Unwilling to accept the official ruling of her sister's death as a suicide, Elisabeth (Pamela Franklin) enrolls at her sister's boarding school under an assumed name to find the truth. The truth, as the film's title makes abundantly clear, involves a Satanic cult with sinister plans for its students. Produced for ABC-TV in 1973 (by Aaron Spelling of all peopl​e ), SATAN'S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS features a surprisingly well-stocked supporting cast, including character actor Lloyd Bochner, Academy Award®-winner Jo Van Fleet and future ​CHARLIE'S ANGELS stars Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd (credited here under her birth name Stopplemoor) as fellow students. This film was also remade for television (with Shannen Doherty as the lead and Jackson taking over Van Fleet's role) in 2000.​ - ​Tom Fritsche

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"Satan's School for Girls" teleports you back to the world of shag carpets, AMC Gremlins, and televisions encased in wood cabinets. By the early 70's, the B movie, all but dead at the local theatre, had found temporary sanctuary on Network television. This made-for-TV flick was a feature on the ABC Movie of the Week: cue Burt Bacharach-inspired theme and trippy process shot opening created by Douglas Trumball. The title of these films were the hook. "Satan's School for Girls," "Guess Who's Sleeping In My Bed?" "KIlldozer!" etc. Once the story unfolded, it all tended to be pretty tame and routine. The actual terror never quite lived up to the expectation in these micro-disasters amid the general malaise of Vietnam-Watergate America.

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Good, old-fashioned made-for-TV fun. Satan's School For Girls is a campy, endearing, clumsy mess of a movie that often succeeds in spite of itself. The plot is predictable, the cinematography is plain, the writing is passable, the acting is... there... but nevertheless, this is an enjoyable movie. While not scary, or beautiful, or haunting, or any of the other things I love in a horror movie, Satan's School For Girls somehow holds your attention the entire time and ends up being truly memorable. Also you will not even for a second stop to wonder whether or not this is from the 70's. It will let you know. One must imagine that Ti West watched this before he set out to make The House of the Devil.

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Greatly atmospheric B movie from the seventies. Disappointing finale but has great young Kate Jackson as one of the school girls along with a vibe definitely a part of Tarantino's influences

I saw this years ago on tv. Still not a great or even good film.