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Satan's Cheerleaders 1977

  • 2.4
  • passes the bechdel test
  • mature audiences
Benedict High School's cheerleaders aren't shy and sweet. The football team knows them well, and Billy, the school's disturbed janitor, would like to. In the locker room, the girls shower and dress, unaware of the evil eyes which secretly watch them. They don't know that a curse has been placed on their clothes. And they don't know that their trip to the first big game of the season might sideline them for eternity. Will the cheerleaders succumb to the dark ritual of sexual sacrifice and death that's been plotted for them? Only those who dare watch will know! As the original movie poster claimed, "Funnier than THE OMEN... scarier than SILENT MOVIE."

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Member Reviews (5)

Could have used more skin, and it would have been scarier if 90% of it wasn't shot in broad daylight. Still, the girls were cute and there's something about Patti, the cheerleader with dark powers, that leaves me with a wry smile on my face... If you like this sort of thing then you already know what you're in for.


Bad acting, stupid story based on silly medieval ideas. As far as sexplotation, only limited amount of tits. All togther bad!


i just wanted to see the hot chicks get naked, but there was hardly any of that :(