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Santa Claus1959

  • 3.5
The producers of the legendary made-in-Mexico SANTA CLAUS packed every magical, wacky holiday oddity known to man in to this wild, wonderful and strangely charming children’s classic! It’s not enough that Santa must deal with the usual suspects (the good little boys and girls; the not so good little boys and girls) but this season Lucifer himself is out to ruin Christmas and he's sent his chief minion, Pitch, on a mission to Earth to turn all the children of the world against Santa. But wait, there's more! Santa's workshop is located high above the North Pole in a Toyland castle in outer space where he plays the organ and keeps watch over the children on earth through specialized equipment while readying his mechanical reindeer for Christmas Eve action. Santa also enlists the aid of Merlin the Wizard. Merlin provides him with magic sleeping powder and a flower that makes someone disappear. Must be seen to be believed (and, even then, the whole thing is still quite unbelievable)!

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Winner of "Best International Family Film" at the 1959 San Francisco International Film Festival!

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LOVE LOVE this film. I remember watching it with my grandmother as a child, and wondering my Satan showed up to mess with Santa. It's very original, and a classic within my family. We try to make it a part of our holiday season every year!

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A surreal Santa Claus from outer space fights the forces of Satan on Christmas Eve in this camp classic from Mexico. It's meant to warm your heart, but it mostly makes you scratch your head. It's not well-made—director Rene Cardona was a B-movie journeyman who turned out multiple films a year—but it's bizarre and imaginative enough to be a low budget companion to other colorful children's film oddballs such as THE 5,000 FINGERS OF DR. T. No cinematic vision of Santa Claus has ever been more weird. Here, Santa lives in a castle on a cloud in the middle of the cosmos, employs a nearly senile Merlin the Magician to make magic dust and potions, has a telescope with a live eyeball instead of a lens, and is surrounded by a crew of seemingly parentless children from all over planet Earth who work as his constantly singing helpers. Favorite surreal image: a man calls the police to report a fire which causes flames to ignite from the mouthpiece of the police station telephone.

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Winner of "Best International Family Film" at 1959 San Francisco International Film Festival? That's a long time ago, but kind of endearing.

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Hard to watch due to its erratic pacing, but if you enjoy the inexplicably off you will be delighted from time to time.

A quirky and visually intriguing sleeper-esque treat. The vibrant colors, alongside Satan & Santa's back and forth battle to win over a good kids actions, really takes you on a trip. Now this is the sorta' XMAS I could get into. I do wish that this wasn't dubbed in English. Where's the original version?

great flick sync good and backgoround effects were very good at that time in this movie--hokey but good colour was great