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also known as Blood of My Blood

Sangue do meu sangue2011

  • 3.4
  • passes the bechdel test
Márcia is a single mother with two grown-up children who works as a cook and shares her home in a social housing estate with her sister Ivete, a hairdresser. One day, Cláudia, her daughter, a student nurse who also works as a supermarket cashier, tells her that she has fallen in love with a married man that is much older than her. When Márcia finds out who he is, she realizes that the relationship poses a terrible threat to her family. Meanwhile, her son, Joca, a small-time drug pusher, tries to get one over his own dealer but the plan misfires. It is his aunt, Ivete, who pays the ultimate price in her attempt to save him. A film about unconditional love; the love of a mother for her daughter and an aunt for her nephew and about the lengths those women are prepared to go to in order to protect the ones they love.

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Strike "The unbearable lightness of being" - this is "The unbearable closeness of being" for a family in Portugal. Swings from Almodovarish heights, including the melodramatic soap opera, to jarring consequences for the choices the characters make, but with an utterly realistic, not at all cartoonish, believe-ability. The cinematography, acting, and direction are beautifully accurate to a script that conveys the world of a part of Lisbon culture through the lens of several characters.

There are two ways to watch this film - with judgement or without judgement. Either way, you are likely to be engaged in an existence where some currencies are more accessible than others, where the eternal struggle between the sexes (at least thus far) has adapted to a world where the society's value for these impoverished men and women is quite small , but where their value to other members of their family is tremendous. This film portrays a life lived in such a crowded household that the pretense of privacy is variably observed as a survival condition for coexistence, and where deceits often carry meta-meanings to people who live so closely and intensely that they have developed flexibly adaptive intimacies. The film examines a culture where gender roles hold shadows, sometimes dark shadows of past traditional roles but the economic underpinnings of those roles has no reliability, and hence where power has been realigned.

If nothing else, it feels like an honest film.