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also known as Sada: Gesaku · Abe Sada no shôgai


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  • 3.7
Nobuhiko Obayashi, director of the cult horror/comedy HOUSE, gives his unique spin on the true story of Sada Abe, who strangled her lover and cut off his genitals as a keepsake.

Member Reviews (3)

top reviewer

Highly stylized and entertaining, but many elements of this film just don't sit well with me.

top reviewer

i gave up on this the first time then came back to it_she's wonderful & some parts of the film are great_some of it doesn't work for me but it's really creative & well done

Much different than "The Realm Of The Senses" which covers the same material. At first I wasn't convinced by the actresses' portrayal but it grew on me as the movie continued. And in the end, I found her more believable than in the Oshima film.