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also known as Yat kor ho ba ba

Run Papa Run2008

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  • 3.7
Gang boss Lee has been on the wrong side of the law since childhood. As a young hoodlum, he was always hanging out with the wrong crowds and his authortative mom, tried countless times to guide him onto the right tracks. Ironically, Lee falls for an innocent lawyer named Mabel. However, when Mabel finds herself pregnant, the happy-go-lucky Lee decides to flee. When their baby Heiyi was born, it practically changes Lee's life forever, transforming him from a fearsome crime boss to a loving father. Desperate to protect her at all costs, Lee thrives to hide his shady business from his daughter, including complete makeovers of his gang members and legitimizing all his operations. As Heiyi reaches adolescence, the secret is eventually revealed and it breaks both Heiyi and Lee's heart. Torn between family and brotherhood, Lee has to make the ultimate choice.