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Rohmer in Paris2013

  • 3.5
A love letter to legendary nouvelle vague filmmaker Eric Rohmer and the world capital of cinema. The film begins with a chance encounter with Rohmer in 1994, while he was filming RENDEZVOUS IN PARIS on location in Montmartre. This accidental connection becomes the basis for a passionate exploration of Rohmer's lifelong relationship with the city and the many cinematic journeys he made through it. Innovatively combining biographical documentary, psychogeography, speculative fiction and remix, the film provides a narrated tour of Rohmer's works, of modern Paris, and of the pains and pleasures of cinephilia.

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Member Reviews (7)


As self absorbed as Roehmer.

top reviewer

To someone not familiar with Rohmer's films, this was an interesting introduction. However, Misek's obsessive and personal digressions throughout the film tended to weaken any objective overall perspective on Rohmer's work for the viewer and oftentimes ended up in a senseless mish-mash of fast edited clips.

top reviewer

I can watch anything. I found myself not so much watching this to gain a closer look at Rohmer, after the first half, but to experience the expression of a pure cinegeek. He's made something nice here. What, I don't know. We all know what it feels like to obsess on another artist. One is never complete, never satisfied, but always avoiding their own personal goldmine. Or, rather, looking at themselves, by using someone else's creative content. It's probably all the same anyway. I have to say, when he blurts out "Eric Rohmer, I love you." the timing was perfect, and it was VERY touching. Tears flowed from out of nowhere. That one moment was the magic of the entire film for me, and comes right out and says what we feel when another artists work moves us deeply...that there is someone out there who we connect with.

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4 1/2_pretty wonderful throughout_ a few minor complaints_but i like the people the actors watching them over & over a sweet study & love story Rhomer & Paris

Just to be clear, this is not a documentary on Eric Rohmer or his oeuvre– it's a film essay composed of scenes from Rohmer films with V/O commentary on top. Some of the analysis is astute, but other segments drag and the editing has moments of jarringly Benny Hill-style amateurishness.

Devotees of Rohmer (like me) may consider Rohmer In Paris worth a look, but I wouldn't recommend it to casual viewers.

Charm and enthusiasm make this film a pleasure.

Liked it.