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Rivers of a Lost Coast2009

  • 4.4
In 1974 an article titled "The World's Best" appeared in the pages of Sports Illustrated and forced the off-kilter fly angler Bil Schaadt into the national spotlight. Schaadt, already a Russian River legend, was at the center of a competitive, often-ungentlemanly angling culture. In the 1940s and 50s California's coastal fly fishing was a collection of innovative cutthroat anglers who just happened to be some of the best fishermen on the planet. But shortly after news of this amazing culture hit the press, the once vibrant rivers that gave birth to the devoted culture were undergoing serious, even irreversible damage. By the early 80s, these mystical waters had become the RIVERS OF A LOST COAST. Using never before seen footage, vintage photos, archival headlines and exclusive interviews, RIVERS OF A LOST COAST shows a side of California most people never knew existed. With the narration of the great conservationist Tom Skerritt (A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT) and interviews with legendary anglers Lani Waller, Russell Chatham, Frank Bertaina, Hal Janssen and a host of other under the radar steelheaders, RIVERS OF A LOST COAST reminds us of the ever increasing importance of wild fish in wild rivers.

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