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Ring Up the Curtain1919

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  • 3.3
Harold Lloyd's "glasses" character tends bar at an opera house where a traveling performance company is due to perform. The show must go on if the curtains can't go up. Trapping a snake is a piece of cake next to winning the main actresses' heart: for Lloyd’s sweet naïf, heartbreak is one pratfall too many.


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The great Harold Lloyd in a state of transition:He's wearing those trademark glasses, but he hasn't really developed the hapless go-getter of "Safety Last" and his other hits. Here, Lloyd is more of a knockabout vagabond, a persona closer in spirit to his two rgreat contemporaries, Chaplin and Keaton. It's also interesting to note that explosion that maimed one of Lloyd's hands hasn't occured yet. It's an entertaining bit of slapstick comedy, but for Lloyd, the best was yet to come.

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