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Richard III1955

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  • 4.3
Director, producer and star Laurence Olivier brings Shakespeare's masterpiece of Machiavellian villainy to ravishing cinematic life. Olivier is diabolically captivating as Richard, Duke of Gloucester, who, through a series of murderous machinations, steals the crown from his brother Edward. And he surrounds himself with a royal supporting cast, which includes Ralph Richardson, John Gielgud and Claire Bloom. Filmed in VistaVision and Technicolor, RICHARD III is one of the most visually inspired of all big-screen Bard adaptations.
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Olivier RULES as the Bard's ultimate Supervillian--sly, scheming, slithering. The cast is an honor roll of English theatre legends--Guilgud, Richardson, Hardwicke--captured in glorious restored technicolor. Olivier's "Richard III's" is a timeless, entertaining treat!