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Rhythm and Blues2002

  • 2.8
Boys Galore Escort Agency is looking for a few good men. Enter John (Paul Blackthorne) the mysterious and sexy "new kid in town" who is instantly befriended by Byron (Ian Henderson), a loutish Scottish skinhead who knows how to hustle. Our desperate duo are taken under the wings of the agency's demented owners Mitzi (Gary Fairhall) and Bethsheeba (Sue Tilling) and are immediately dispatched to the palatial residence of Boys Galore's wealthiest client, the larger than life, pleasure seeking Bad Daddy (Angus MacInnes). With the help of a few more "good men" and Bad Daddy's closest friends, things look set for an unrivaled night of fun and frolics until a sudden turn of events steers the evening onto a catastrophic course for paranoia, passion, love, murder and a little puppetry. Filmed entirely on location in and around London, RHYTHM AND BLUES is raunchy and outrageous slapstick that sidesteps political correctness and good taste.

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Member Reviews (21)

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I quit after 10 minutes. Just too stupid. Anyone amused by this is too easily entertained.

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beyond stupid

top reviewer

More interesting than good, and not cinematically distinguished but with theatrical moments from an attractive cast, this merits a viewing and second thoughts.

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Well, it was mildly entertaining in an odd way...sort of like looking at old photographs of Diane Arbus. Some enjoyable performances - at times it felt like early John Waters, at times it felt like Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls meets a underwhelmingly untalented group of gay writers, producers and actors and think they are going to make a masterpiece that pushes the limits. Well, it does none of these. However, due to watching this, I discovered for the first time the hysterical song, Nobody Loves A Fairy Over Forty, recorded by Tessie O'Shea. That led me to discovering all about Tessie O'Shea, a number of wonderful You Tubes and realizing it was she who had played the telephone operator in THE RUSSIANS ARE COMMING, THE RUSSIANS ARE COMMING. - So - if you are the type of person who can pick some treasures out of a cesspool that never belonged there in the first place - you may find this entertaining.


crazy and funny movie, they try and try and yet it good characters are very good.


Took a bit to get into the film. Characters were left undeveloped. Needed more nudity to be actually interesting. Fun story but John was boring and no manner of good looks could help him. Love the couple who ran the service!

Quite funny and unexpected.


Kinda mixed up, and the guy I THINK was the protagonist (John) wasn't engaging, but other characters were amusing, mainly due to some very witty dialogue that showed a DEPTH of campy thought on screenwriter's part.

Witty, at times left me clueless. A perfect ending.

funny and campy!

Dear Viewers,

don't listen to reviews by Soulmentor, teddybear and fjdlec - who didn't actually review the film. Watching more than 10 minutes might help...

"Rhythm and Blues" is quite a genius film and there really aren't many films of it's kind. But let me premise this with that:

1. Like this genre of film (see below) and 2. Be in the mood for it (see below).

First of all this is British, black comedy from the 90s, so it's already going to be dated and also the humor may not transfer if you're not from the UK. What it does do is give you a sense of what London was like in the 90s when it comes to rent boys and sugar daddies as that was a huge culture and still is but it was very different back then. The internet was only just getting big at that time!

Anyway once you get past the first 10 minutes the story starts to unfold when John our leading man hunk is taken in by Mitsie and Bethsheeba - two characters you don't meet everyday! They own a rent boy agency and Big Daddy is there best client. Big Daddy throws a party and John along with his new friend Byron are invited. Oh and there is rent boy killer going around London. This is where the drama and antics unfold. I'm not going to go into too much detail as you can read the synopsis above.

If you like 90s queer culture, over the top - big characters and cute guys then you should give it a try. I won't lie the ending seems a little kitschy - all tied up in a bow - definitely could have been darker or something.

The acting can be a little OTT at times but I do believe this was choice from the director - it is a theatrical film. It is somewhat enlightening as there were actually gay men like this in the 90s but there are less and less these days in our modern culture. It is up to you to decide whether this is a good thing or not.

If you are a bit of an anglophile this film is for you! Be warned it is campy, a little silly but has some strong characters and does touch on some interesting issues i.e love.

Good but O.T.T on the monarchy references...

very amuseing

Great comedy

it was really good i loved it!

really bad..plot, acting, boys

Ddidnt keep me interested. Boring video