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also known as Rezul'taty XII s'ezda partii kooperatsiya | Join the Cooperative

Results of the XII Party Congress of Cooperation1925

  • 4.0
Created to animatedly document the April 1923 congress of the Russian Communist Party, the last under Vladimir Lenin's rule (who was already out of power by the time this film was evidently completed), RESULTS OF THE XII PARTY CONGRESS OF COOPERATION specifically deals with the plight of farmers and the challenges of cooperatives compared to the "terrors" of capitalism. While it aspires to the realm of agitprop documentary, the situations in the short are unsurprisingly exaggerated. Historically, the actual event is remembered more for the conflicts between Joseph Stalin and the Georgian National Communists than anything to do with farmers. Therein, a bit of revisionist history is on display for all to see.

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Member Reviews (1)

WOW so amazing to be able to see this super old and beautiful illustration of Leninist communism from back in 1923!!