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Rescued from an Eagle's Nest1908

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  • 3.6
RESCUED FROM AN EAGLE'S NEST features D. W. Griffith in his first major screen role, that of a father who battles an eagle while attempting to rescue his child from the bird's nest. The story for this family-centered drama was taken from a famous incident that had been enshrined in waxworks. The film displays all the characteristic qualities of Edwin S. Porter's work. Rather than cut between parallel lines of action, Porter used temporal overlaps. Studio sets for exterior scenes were interwoven with outdoor locations. Despite the obvious abilities of newly hired scenic artist Richard Murphy, a precocious critic found the film "a feeble attempt to secure a trick film of a fine subject." The reviewer demanded a consistently rendered visual world with an emphasis on credibility that was not always valorized within Porter's representational system.



Member Reviews (1)

A far better overall film than Porter's more famous (and historically more important?) "The Great Train Robbery" and "Life of an American Fireman"