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  • 3.8
Directed by Carlo Lizzani and with a superb soundtrack by Riz Ortolani, REQUIESCANT (Latin for "Rest in Peace") ranks among the finest Spaghetti Westerns. Lou Castel plays a young man who was raised to be a pacifist by a traveling preacher after Confederates massacred his family. But when his step-sister runs away, the pursuit reveals a natural talent as a sharp-shooter as well as a bloody and unexpected confrontation with his past. Joining Castel are an impressive array of performers, including Mark Damon as the sadistic aristocratic villain, Franco Citti as his henchman, and the great Italian filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini in a rare acting role as a revolutionary priest.

Member Reviews (1)

Fortunately in the original Italian and not dubbed. Restoration of the film was excellent with fantastic colors that added another realm to the subject matter. Some of the dialog had very socialistic undertones questioning the unfairness of society with money/power as the root of evil. Perfect for today's world.