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Renegade Girl1946

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  • 2.5
Jean Shelby (Ann Savage) is a member of a family of Confederate sympathizers in Missouri during the Civil War. The family has been providing valuable information about the Union Army to Confederate Raiders. The Union tries to capture the Shelby family with the help of an outcast Indian who has his own grudge against the Shelbys. Loyalties are put to the test when Jean and a Yankee captain fall in love.


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Member Reviews (4)

top reviewer

There is good and bad here.

The bad is flagrant: the racial stereotyping. It is insensitive, ignorant, and callous--a degrading depiction of a human being for the sake of a B movie plot. It is important to take a hard look at this, examine it, analyze how attitudes in Hollywood have changed—and how they haven’t changed at all.

The good is Ann Savage. Best known as “Vera,” the human monster of the classic film noir, “Detour,” Savage rises above the level of the material here and demonstrates her skills as a sophisticated, intelligent screen actress of the 1940’s. Savage had a certain poise reminiscent of the legendary Barbara Stanwyck. Ann Savage was a good actress stuck in a lot of forgettable movies.

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top reviewer

Tough women with their own minds need the love of a strong, virtuous man? If you want to see what Indian stereotyping was like, watch this movie.

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racist Hollywood crap with wooden actors.

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just ok