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Remote Viewing 2009

  • 3.8
Science writer and adventurer Jeff Warren investigates "remote viewing," a form of extrasensory perception that the U.S. government attempted to harness as a tool for espionage during the Cold War.

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Member Reviews (5)

top reviewer

No real evidence. Actually, no real attempts at proving or disproving anything. Didn't even give real background on the "characters" in the film. Meaningless.

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top reviewer

Huh. Abrupt ending. Well, this gives some interesting moments about it but certainly is anything but the whole overview.Still, nice to see him get the remote viewing correct, kind of exciting.

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top reviewer

Whether you believe in remote viewing or precognition this provocative film should entertain you and pique your curiosity.

top reviewer

The most entertaining stories I have heard about remote viewing are the Brooklyn and Port Chester Grateful Dead Shows. Leave it to the US Govt to rely on drugged up teenagers as test subjects.


very nice little short!