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Rem Koolhaas: A Kind of Architect2008

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  • 3.8
Rarely has an architect caused as much sensation outside of the architecture community as Rem Koolhaas. His outstanding creations, such as the Dutch Embassy in Berlin, the Seattle Library and the Casa da Musica concert hall in Porto, are working examples of the Dutchman's visionary theories about architecture and urban society. But Koolhaas' work is as much about ideas as it is about constructing buildings; he is equally celebrated as a writer and social commentator. For Koolhaas, what is essential is not to create individual masterpieces, but to provoke and excite through the wide range of his activities. REM KOOLHAAS: A KIND OF ARCHITECT is an engaging portrait of a visionary man that takes us to the heart of his ideas. Directors Markus Heidingsfelder and Min Tesch have made a visually inventive, thought-provoking portrait of the architect, prompting Rem Koolhaas to state, "It's the only film about me that I have liked."

Member Reviews (1)

Though the films contains much interesting information, it spends far too much time being 'jazzy" and cute. I came away impressed by the subject's work, but found the film got in my way of understanding. Had I not been already familiar with him, I would have found this film more of a bother than an enlightenment.