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also known as Contact I Связь


  • 3.8
lya lives in Moscow, Nina lives in St. Petersburg. Ilya has a beautiful wife and a daughter, Nina’s husband is an artist, and they have a young son. Nina occasionally travels to Moscow to see her partners in the publishing industry. Ilya sometimes comes to St. Petersburg on business. But more often they are in the train between St. Petersburg and Moscow just to see each other. Because they have an affair. RELATIONS is about the second love, which always comes at the wrong time, and which can be the greatest happiness as well as the greatest disaster. It is about two people struggling to be free, who discover that freedom can be more difficult to relinquish than to acquire.

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I got tired of Ilya & Nina & their love affair_sometimes sweet sometimes corny_ it's filmed really well & i like all of the characters_Ilya should stick with his wife_she's wonderful_but that's just my opinion_it's a bit to redundant as a film_like the needle got stuck