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Reggie Mixes In1916

  • 3.0
Just returned from college, wealthy Reggie Van Deuzen (Douglas Fairbanks) returns a lost child to her tenement home and meets Agnes (Bessie Love), an innocent who has taken a job as a dancer in Gallagher's saloon. Reggie dons working-class clothes and follows Agnes to Gallagher's, where he is hired as a bouncer. While protecting Agnes from the dishonorable intentions of the saloon's patrons, Reggie incurs the wrath of underworld boss Tony (W.A. Lowery), who, failing in his attempts to have Reggie killed, challenges him to a hand-to-hand fight with Agnes as the prize. Reggie emerges victorious and concocts a plan to introduce Agnes to upper-class society, after which he reveals his true identity and the two reaffirm their declarations of love. REGGIE MIXES IN was Douglas Fairbanks' sixth film. It was produced under the banner of D.W. Griffith's Fine Arts Film Company and, presumably, was supervised by Griffith. It is presented here almost exactly as it was when it went through distribution through Triangle on June 11, 1916.

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