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  • 2.0
After their childhood friend is murdered, friends Marco, Aaron and Wilbur return to their hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio to reunite for a weekend of mourning and soul searching. In this riveting and unflinching drama, the three friends chase the ghosts of their shared past as they come to terms with masculinity, betrayal, race, grief and revenge.

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Member Reviews (1)

I didn't like the characters or the acting of the actors playing the characters. The tall dude with the ray bans was the worst; the whole cliched fake, a-hole honest bit gets really old. He looked like a cross between Jon Lovitz, Steve Buscemi, and Mister Limpet. Hey, man, check me out, it's so cool to be a bitchy, whiney, cynical, pseudo-truthful jerk. I liked it when Vince Vaughn did it in "Swingers." But, not here. I dunno what the excessive smoking everywhere, all the time, in your face, hipster thing was about. I guess it was just more of that, "it's cool to be an a-hole" thing, masquerading as blunt honesty. Emotionless, invulnerable, dry humor assholism. I'm over it. It pervades so much of our culture now. It's just something to hide behind in order to pave over real human reactions to life. I think it is a form of self-dehumanization, that has dummied down society's ability to process and experience ordinary emotions. Ok, that's my soapbox for today. I woke up today in a bad mood with a bad attitude, feeling selfish and unfair; I think feel much better now :)