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Rated R for Nudity2011

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  • 2.7
Filmmaker Denis Villeneuve takes a playful stab at mass hypnosis. Celebrating the mesmerizing power of movies, he offers mischievous glimpses into a subconscious world inhabited by Ingmar Bergman, Steven Spielberg and Bo Derek. The audacious creative force behind POLYTECHNIQUE and the Academy Award®-nominated INCENDIES, Villeneuve has earned a place among the world's most influential young directors.



Member Reviews (10)

top reviewer

Pretty silly.

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How do you rate tha? You can't rate tha.

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Fun little short.

In a word, bizarre.

Michael Snnowish Godardful

Pretty silly.

It was okay.

no meaning and no message

This film had interesting ideas and style, but the execution was off, in my estimation.

I did not understand the movie